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When to Call a Technician for Hot Water Heater Repair?

  • Water is leaking from the top of the tank. Water leaking from the top may be due to loose pipes, a defective pressure valve, or a leak coming from the inlet valve. Either way, this problem is easy enough to fix when you call a technician for hot water heater repair.

  • Water coming out from the bottom of the tank. If the bottom of the tank leaks, it is either a simple condensation or pressure issue, or you may need to replace the unit. Have a technician check the source of the leak to provide the appropriate solution.

  • There is no hot water, or there is not enough hot water. For electric water heaters, the first thing you need to check is the power source. If the power source is working, you may need to replace the heating element. If there is hot water but not enough supply, it is likely an issue with the thermostat. For electric water heaters, you’ll find the thermostat on the side of the tank at the back of an access panel. Although the thermostat is factory pre-set, you may need to raise the temperature slightly during winter.

  • It takes too long for water to reheat. This is one of the disadvantages of electric water heaters. Although it is normal for electric heaters to take longer to reheat a tank full of water, it may not be so if it takes a lot longer than usual. Call a technician because you may need a hot water heater to repair or replace some parts, such as the heating element.

  • Strange noises coming from the heater. It is usual for water heaters to make some noise while in use. But anytime the noise becomes too loud or too frequent, call a technician to check for any problems.

  • Hot water pressure is too low. In some cases, you may not need hot water heater repair when the pressure is too low. It may be due to some issues with older plumbing, which you’ll need to replace.

Other problems you can encounter with an electric water heater are dirty or rusty water or hot water that has a foul odor. Whenever any of these happen, don’t take chances with trying to fix the problem yourself. To avoid causing further damage, call a professional heating technician to expertly assess your water heater for any hot water heater repair needs.


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