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Membership Program

Save money with our membership programs!

We offer programs for residential and commercial plumbing and HVAC, as well as hydro jetting.

Best HVAC Company in Solano County

Residential Plumbing Membership:  Energy Savings Agreement 

Plumbing inspection and tune-up plus two HVAC visits for $198.99

Special pricing guaranteed for 12 months on plumbing and HVAC repairs.

Our licensed master plumbers will inspect many areas of your home’s plumbing system. Their mission is to find safety hazards, trouble areas and deliver peace of mind with recommendations. The following is what we will look at:

Water Pressure from the City:  We will check that to ensure it is below 70 pounds and will adjust the pressure regulator if applicable.

Tank Water Heater: We will check all tank water heaters for safety, leaks, signs of corrosion, connections, shut-off valves, vent piping, and temp pressure valves (T&P). We may be able to flush your water heater if it is within 5 years of installation, up to code, and if it has a metal hose bib.

Tankless Water Heater: We will check all tankless water heaters for safety, leaks, signs of corrosion, connections, shut-off valves, vent piping, and temp pressure valves (T&P). Yearly descaling of your tankless equipment is recommended and possible if the water heater is within 5 years of it being installed and descaled yearly.

Water Pressure from the City: We will check that to ensure it is below 70 pounds and will adjust the pressure regulator if applicable.

Bathroom: We will inspect sinks, faucets, shut-off valves, drains, showerheads, tub, and shower connections.

Kitchen: We will inspect your dishwasher, sink, faucet, sprayer, garbage disposal, drains, and other plumbing-related accessories in your kitchen.

Toilets: Does not matter where they are located, we will inspect and test for leaks, fill valves, supply lines, and shut off valves. Your plumber will make small adjustments if possible.

Exposed Water Lines: We will inspect them and determine if there are any leaks, corrosion, or damage of any kind.

Piping: We are experts at assessing old piping in homes. We routinely assess trouble piping, bad repairs, and hazardous materials. We will help you avoid likely failures causing damage to your home.

Drains: We will inspect drains from top to bottom for leaks and clogs if visibly accessible; sewer line inspections and clearing of clogs are an additional cost.

Washing Machine: We check hoses, hose bibs, and drainage hoses for any signs of failure.

Residential HVAC Membership:  Energy Savings Agreement

Two HVAC maintenance visits for $149.99 

Special pricing guaranteed for 12 months on HVAC repairs only, upgrade to ESA+, and benefits on plumbing repairs also.

AC Visit (Spring or just before Summer)

Thermostat: All user controls for your HVAC equipment will be assessed and cleaned to ensure they are ready for the heat of summer as well as ensuring they are wired correctly.

Electrical: We will check all electrical connections for loose wiring in your outdoor unit, around the control board, capacitors, and emergency disconnect.

Access AC Cycle, Monitor Volts, and Amp draw: Most systems seem like they work fine but there are actually several electrical and mechanical signs of failure that will leave you uncomfortable when the first heat wave strikes. Early signs of problems include high energy bills and/or lack of maintenance on the AC. Prolonged high amperage draws on equipment, burns them out, and will leave it inoperable, cause the breaker to pop or melt high voltage equipment potentially causing a fire.

Check Refrigerant Operating Temperatures: The outside portion of your HVAC system is called a condenser or AC and typically has copper piping leading back to a coil made of aluminum and very small copper pipes. The cooling effect you get in your home is achieved through a delicate balance of air, refrigerant, and ambient temperatures. The likely causes of a lack of cooling can be attributed to micro leaks in refrigerant fittings over time or even brazed connections at the AC unit or furnace. Improper refrigerant charges may damage your AC by slowing down the oil that lubricates the compressor overheating it and drawing more power to force itself to run; we hope our technician can save you a headache.

Check and Clean Outdoor Condenser: Debris on the outdoor coil may reduce operational efficiency exponentially. Since the refrigerant is cycling through the tiny copper tubes between the aluminum fins, debris can actually impact this function. Our technicians use special solvents to clean your coil safely.

Inspect your Primary and Secondary Drains: It is very common for us to find a leaking ceiling or flooded garage that is caused by the condensation building up within your HVAC drain pans or lines. Every home is different and some have two systems so we will check each drain, hopefully saving you thousands of dollars on preventable water damage.

Furnace Visit (Fall or just before Winter)

Inspect your Primary and Secondary Drains Again: Just like we do during the spring, we’ll check your primary and secondary HVAC drains. Since they are generally out of sight, it can be easy to forget about them until something bad happens, which is why we check them during each visit.

Check and Test Safety Controls One specific safety measure is a pressure switch. This element shuts off your furnace in case something accidentally falls into the draft inducer motor, hopefully preventing a fire. Each home is unique and some have electric heat so we will inspect as we discover what you have.

Monitor Furnace Cycle and Inspect Flue Draft for Safe Operation: To do this, we run the machine and pay attention to any odd sounds, obstructions, electrical issues and make sure that it is operating safely.

Inspect Gas Pressure: We use a manometer to guarantee the correct operation of the safety switch and burner efficiency. We have found some burners with micro-cracks that only present themselves when heated.

Check for Cracked Heat Exchanger: Why is a cracked heat exchanger is especially dangerous on a gas-fed furnace? Carbon monoxide. This noxious gas can easily seep into your home through ducts. A strong gas smell in the garage is always a sign the furnace needs significant service; repair or replacement is outside of the scope of this membership. The technician will shut off the gas to the furnace and provide you a recommendation. Please keep the gas turned off to the furnace after the technician leaves for the safety of your home we will not be held responsible if we decommission any furnace.

ONE HVAC diagnostic included with full ESA+ purchase.

All HVAC service visits require a $110 diagnostic fee plus the recommended repair if approved.

Commercial Memberships

We are Master Plumbers and HVAC techs in Solano County setting the standard for others to follow. We know that in order to be the best plumbers, heating and air conditioning specialists we need to spend time and energy to make sure everything is running efficiently. When you work with us you can expect us to be on time, efficient, and prepared to put a quick end to your issue while keeping costs low. Let our team know what existing services you have so we can custom tailor your experience and increase your bottom line.

Hydro Jetting Membership

The process of using a Hydro Jet involves an initial inspection of the drains with a camera. We use that to assess the condition of the sewer lines that are intended to be treated. Hydro Jetting is an incredibly powerful solution to effectively clear many drain lines with roots, grease, or other debris. Specialized cutting heads are used in conjunction with a powerful stream of water. Our team has been using hydro jets since 2004 allowing us to reduce costs for the customer and provide an in-depth solution beyond the drains of your business or home.

Serving Solano County and Surrounding Areas

We Know the Standards and Stick to the Code

Our members benefit from flat-rate pricing on each drain with additional savings after each set of four drains. This is a quarterly service we provide; however, our team is flexible. We help by reducing your expenses and increasing your bottom line by working closely with you to get it done when the time is right. Get superb customer service and take advantage of our second look policy and reduce the cost of your existing services. If you like this service consider upgrading to our commercial membership and reduce your maintenance expenses.

Value Packed Quarterly Service $494.65 Per Drain

Bulk pricing is $352.12 for 6 drains up to 12

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