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Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement in Vacaville CA

Garbage Disposal

Minuteman Water Heaters

Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement in Cambridge

Garbage Disposal Services

The plumbing specialists at Minuteman Water Heaters offer garbage disposal repair services for both residential and commercial clients. Additionally, we provide installation and replacement services for waste disposals to all our Cambridge and surrounding area clients.  You don't have to purchase your disposal from us; we can install a new disposal for you. You are welcome to purchase any model you choose, and we will install it.

Garbage Disposal Services in Vacaville

Cambridge’s First Choice For Garbage Disposal Services

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Here are the main problems that plague garbage disposals:

  • Leaks – Disposals sometimes rust out around the bottom, or internal seals fail causing it to drip.

  • Jams – Excessive amounts of food or hard-to-grind items like seeds or foreign objects can cause a disposal to jam.

  • Humming – The motor or impeller may have seized up or burned out.

  • Nothing happens – You flip the switch and hear and see nothing from the disposal.

  • Won’t drain – The disposal has become clogged with food and it is preventing the sink drain from working.

Garbage Disposal Replacement in Vacaville

What makes us the best plumbing company in Cambridge

Minuteman Water Heaters is the best plumbing company in Cambridge. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction. With a legacy of excellence and a strong foundation of trust our extensively trained technicians possess a wealth of expertise, ensuring that we're equipped to handle any plumbing challenge that comes our way.

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